IP Strategy

IP Strategy

IP Strategy

This topic focuses on intellectual property strategy for high technology companies and investors in technology-focused businesses. The topic is designed to provide students and readers of this Legal Encyclopedia with a solid understanding of key strategy issues in the field of intellectual property law, and to help prepare students and readers of this Legal Encyclopedia to take leadership roles in addressing such issues in business and/or practice. The goal of the topic is to give students and readers of this Legal Encyclopedia grounding in the strategic thinking necessary to guide a company's overall approach to intellectual property business and legal issues. To that end, we will focus much less on the detailed rules and doctrine that determine which works and products are protectible under any traditional statutory scheme, and much more on overall corporate policy regarding the best way to commercialize and exploit the strategic potential of a company's core intangible assets. We will discuss the acquisition, enforcement, and licensing of intellectual property, as well as less legal-centric techniques for appropriating the value of investment in intangibles. High profile legal practitioners and business executives from important technology companies will join the instructor as guest lecturers.






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