Lawi for Publishers

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Lawi for Publishers

At the Lawi Project, we see engagement as the leading indicator of learning success. So, we made it our mission to help Publishers overcome the obstacles they face in bringing interactive and engaging content to law students in the digital age.

The Lawi Project can turn your flat files into eBooks with dozens of interactive features in hours. Then, using the Publisher and Student publishing tools, publishers or authors can simply update or enhance an eBook adding interactive content like video, audio, smart links, and simulations to it. And, since this is a real-time technology, you can see these changes appear worldwide for readers on iPad, Android, Windows 9, Windows 10 and Web platforms. Creating a truly engaging experience using a scalable solution for both large and small publishers— with no cost.

The Lawi Project digital library already contains over 70,000 digital titles from 30 leading publishers. Learn how you can start creating interactive digital content today, at our platform. We are not waiting on the future, are you?

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