What people are saying

What people are saying about the Encyclopedia of Law

1 of the 2 best “law-related starting points” on the Internet

Lawyers’ Guide to the Internet

1 of 8 sites lawyers should visit “if you only visit one site this year”

The Internet Lawyer (August 1995)

6th favorite Internet site among Australian law professionals

Regan/Davey Survey

Best Research Site — Laws

legal.online (July 1996)

1 of the 3 best “law-related starting points” on the Internet

Technology Update column, Law Practice Management (October 1995)

“Meticulously assembled and international in scope . . . . What distinguished this effort from other law indexes is the depth of content . . . and superior ease of use. . . . Depth of Coverage: 10 [out of 10].”

Magellan Internet Guide

“a truly outstanding source of content”

NBNSOFT Content Awards

“one of the very best legal sites on the net”

Scout Report

one of the 9 best “government information web sites”

Legal Information Alert (April 1996)

“huge repository, well designed and easy to navigate. The ultimate definitive resource.”

A#1 Quality Directory

one of “the Internet’s best resources”


an Infoseek Select site

Infoseek Guide

“Occasionally the federal government does things right. The House of Representatives Internet Law Library (http://law.house.gov/) shows one of those times.”

Yahoo! Internet Life (July/August 1996)

one of “the 10 Must-Not-Miss selections for any Internet legal researcher.”

Internet Law Researcher

“What has the government done with our tax dollars… created a great web site of course! Direct from the House of Representatives comes an index of U.S. laws. But this site will not allow the topic to bore you, its good design earns its place on this awards list.”

WWWorld Ribbon Award

one of the “top ten . . . Legal WebSites on the Internet . . . This site, maintained by the U.S. House of Representatives, is one of the most comprehensive sites listing links to Federal, State, and International legal sites on the Internet.” 5 stars out of 5

Legal Resources via the Internet (August/September 1996)

“The House of Representatives’ Office of [Law Revision] . . . Counsel wanted easy access to the 5,200 or so law-related resources of the net, so this is what they got. It’s great for them, and it’s great for you. No filler here”


one of the “sites that give back to the Internet”

NetGiver Award

one of the “outstanding legal sites on the World Wide Web”

Lunar Law Links

Selected Site Award

Eye on the Web

“a Fantastic! WebSite”

RaD Graphics & Web Designs

one of the most linked-to sites on the Internet

Lycos a2z Directory

“This is the ‘Best of the Best’ legal resources on the Internet.”

BPEG Best of the Best Homepage Awards

Best of the Web Award for magnificent idea and design

LionArt Productions

one of “the best online resources”

Online Access (November 1996)

“[A] rich resource for legal information on the Internet. . . . If you are looking for information on government, U.S. law, or state law, this site is strong in these areas and this is a good place to start.”

A Pocket Tour of Law on the Internet

“Anyone conducting legal research will appreciate this resource site, which provides easy access to law-related ‘Net resources.”

PC Novice Guide to the Web (1997)

“[O]ne of the most facinating sites on the Web.”
Content: 4 out of 4
Technical Merit: 4 out of 4
Design: 4 out of 4
Entertainment: 4 out of 4
Overall Rating: 4 out of 4

CyberHound’s Web Guide (1997 edition)

The House Internet Law Library provides “users with quick and easy access to as many legal sites as possible from a single location.”

Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory

“An extremely comprehensive site”

Great American Web Book

“a fine collection of legislative material”

How to Use the Internet for Legal Research

Semi-Finalist: Government category

National Information Infrastructure Awards Program (1996)

“visually pleasing, interesting, and created with care and forethought”

Horizon Award

“This Internet Law Library is an outstanding collection of internet legal resources for federal and state laws, the laws of other nations and jurisdicitions, government information, law school services and legal directories.”

Selected Law Resources on the Internet (DePaul University Libraries)

“The House Internet law library . . . maintains one of the best indexes of links to other legal resources available on the Web.”

Internet Newsletter: Legal & Business Aspects (April 1996)

“[A]n extensive resource and research point for U.S. law, both state and federal, as well as international law. A vast directory helps you access some 1,600 links to law-related resources on the Internet.”
Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Content: 5 out of 5 stars

NetGuide’s Best of the Web

“Huge, and – though very straightforward in design – excellent.”

Médaille d’Or for Web Site Excellence

“If you are wondering what a federal statute says about something, the House of Representatives has created this library which has links to most every federal law or regulation that is online”

Washington Web

one of the “top 40 Internet law sites”


“very facinating . . . [one of] the best sites on the Web.”

Quiet Revolution 5-Star Awards Committee

award for “responsible WEB page content”

Golden Banner Award