Lawi for Facebook

Lawi for Facebook

In the Lawi Project we try to lunch solutions that really begin to benefit the mash up of tablets, social networks, web technologies and digital textbooks. Using a rapid incremental development philosophy, we are able to deliver amazing functionality to students at an unprecedented pace.

The Facebook presence are bringing several hundred thousand pieces of content to the million of law students with a laptop, netbook, or even tablet. Not to mention, it’s where students are spending a majority of their time outside the classroom – 3 hours per day on Facebook alone.

While it may seem like a radical concept to bring pieces of content to Facebook, we see a real shift occurring among students where learning is getting embedded with social aspects of their every day life. The problem however, is that social networks themselves have historically lacked a way for students to engage in learning and collaboration in a meaningful way- we hope to help to change that.

Our Facebook application is just the first phase of many important updates that will continue to extend learning deeply into social. Future updates will not only enhance the features of our content but will also bring core social learning features to Facebook. These updates will occur on a bi-monthly basis, starting with core features like search, highlighting, stickies, bookmarks.

The rate of innovation happening in education is finally approaching the rate to create real progress in academic excellence. The generation gap between education and technology is quickly coming to a close and only fast moving start-ups will be able to keep pace and bring fundamental change to the market.

We hope you like the innovation we’re bringing to you.