Writing Notes

Writing Notes Tool in the Lawi Project

Students have been an integral part of our design and development process at the Lawi Project. We involve them regularly in various research activities to learn what matters to them most and to understand how we at the Lawi Project can create an experience that they would love…

One of the things that keeps coming back as feedback is how being able to write notes directly on the platform content helps students comprehend information and learn better. It is very handy to take notes on the same page as the textbook; oftentimes students wish they could do that with their hardcover textbooks, but they usually have to sell them/return them after the class is over, in order to preserve the quality. The digital format will allow for a better learning experience since now everyone can take notes directly on the content and it won’t affect the quality of the platform.

Note taking is as a crucial part of the learning process. Maybe this is the best way to integrate technology with our established methods of study in law schools. Being able to write notes and sketch is absolutely essential to the studying process for many (if not most) students, so allowing them to do that in a digital volume is much appreciated.

Cross reference materials

About the potential value of having all their study materials digitally accessible in one place, we think that one of the greatest advantages of the Lawi Project platform has is the ability to cross reference materials. Students are able to hyperlink between sections of different books to build their own study or reference materials on a project by project basis.


Education is currently focused on high achievement on standardized testing. While this goal may be useful in gauging a student’s [retention], it does not fully ascertain the students real understanding and ability to function within a topic. I think these things are best realized by a teacher/professor as some students can have problems taking a test due to stress or other factors. I think that there is great value in not just the questions that are asked to a student but the question that the student asks. A student who grasps the subject can ask questions which delve further into the subject.