Lawi Journal

Lawi Journal

A Picture says 1.000 Words

As every student knows, oftentimes the biggest challenge in class is simply keeping up with note-taking. We’ve all had that moment of playing ‘beat the clock’ against the teacher, hoping you’ll get that last bit of the diagram or last few words of notes before they’ve been erased and the class has moved on. Not to mention the crushing moment when you go back to your notes at home and realize you have no idea what they mean because you spent all your time copying and none of it listening.

Using the “Add a Note” feature in the Lawi Journal, you’ll never have this problem again. Instead of furiously copying the teacher’s whiteboard diagrams and notes, this handy time-saving trick allows students to focus on learning rather than transcribing. Simply open your Lawi Journal, select “Add a Note” on the left side, then select the camera icon. Snap a picture of the whiteboard and presto! – all of your notes and diagrams are saved into your Lawi Journal for future reference.

Try it today and let us know in the comments how it works for you!


The Art of Studying, in the past, in part was the use of color-coded note cards to indicate what the students knew, where the students needed more information, and essential points to remember for the test.

One of many benefits of digital content is that we no longer have to worry about marking up a textbook that will be used for only one year. Although the color-coded note cards are a thing of the past, teachers everywhere can help their law students build critical study skills using the Lawi highlighting feature. Students can color code their highlights to differentiate content between things that are important, minor reference points, and areas where the student needs more information/clarification. Highlights are immediately saved in the students Lawi Journal, for sorting, reference and refinement.

Journal addition to your iPad

Our platform brings the most interactive set of features yet to our iPad application with the addition of Journal and Legal Quiz. We believe that our platform has given our content an unparalleled advantage over physical textbook, by allowing students to extract information that’s most important to them seamlessly and instantly.

Remember how on the first day of class your textbook seems to be the most important collection of content for you, but as the semester progresses your notes take precedence over the textbook itself as your primary method for test preparation. Or how you spent hours creating flash cards, drawing diagrams in your notebook and creating new ways to study and remember information from within your textbook? Our features address these behaviors head on to accelerate learning into the 21st century. Can you still imagine making a call from a pay phone or calling a travel agent to book a flight cross state? Well, why should education suffer the same trappings of decrepit industries when education itself is the core foundation for our future.