Privacy Law

Information Privacy Law

Considerable difficulty exists in the Information Age with the traditional approach to privacy law as primarily protecting a “right to be let alone.” Employing privacy law to protect such informational seclusion is of limited promise in an age of information technolog…

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Property Law

Art and Cultural Property Law

This topic will explore and analyze the intersection of law with art and culture. Topics will include U.S. and international law as they relate to the illicit trade in antiquities, Nazi Era plunder and restitution, and other art crimes. We will also examine aspe…

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Protecting Products of Place

Geographical indications (GIs) are controversial domestically and internationally. This topic examines GIs and the laws governing their use with reference to wine, other food products and handicrafts, including Idaho potatoes, Darjeeling tea and Banaras silk sarees. Topics include the registration a…

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Patent Claim

Patent Claim Construction

This topic is designed to provide students and readers of this Legal Encyclopedia with a strong interest in patent law with an introduction to the field and an opportunity to participate in a research project on claim construction. Patent claims are central to the o…

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Patent Litigation

Our patent litigation topic provides an opportunity for students and readers of this Legal Encyclopedia to gain practical experience in all phases of a case. Starting with a motion to dismiss and with arguments from all principal phases of a patent litigation including a Federal Circuit appeal, stud…

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Patent Prosecution

students and readers of this Legal Encyclopedia will learn the key elements of patent strategy and patent prosecution. Real patents and prosecution histories will be used as examples. students and readers of this Legal Encyclopedia who have taken a similar topic in the past can receive credit with p…

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Playing by the Rules: Video Game Law

Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. The industry continues to evolve as interactive content migrates from the console and PC to the web, mobile devices and beyond. This topic will explore the legal principles underlying how games are developed, distributed and ultim…

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