Energy and Cleantech Research

Growing concern for the effects of global climate change have focused public policy on promoting the development and diffusion of renewable and alternative energy technologies. This two-topic topic will explore the broad contours of this new era of environmental…

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Energy Regulation

Energy Regulation and the Environment

Energy production and use drive the world's economies and offer hope for growth and prosperity. Yet, the extraction and use of fuels and the development of energy facilities are among the greatest threats to the global environment. This topic introduces …

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Development of the Environment

The intersection of environmental, land use and natural resource law, on one hand, and the world of real estate development, on the other, is filled with complexities and trade-offs. Large-scale development projects almost always have measurable negative impact…

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Environmental Law

This topic will focus on cutting-edge issues in environmental law scholarship, with students and readers of this Legal Encyclopedia reading and commenting (in writing and in discussion) upon new and forthcoming articles by scholars here at Berkeley and elsewhere. Most sessions will include presentat…

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